JB Construction Services Inc.

"We do our clients’ houses as I would do my own home!"
Owner Jerzy Synowiec

JB construction has completed many home projects for us. From basic ceiling repair and painting to fully gut 3 bathrooms. They completely reconfigured plumbing and electrical systems and even moved walls to make a huge shower! Not only did they do a great job (and ON-TIME) but the quote was the best of 3 contractors. There was less than 5% overage on the final amount paid. I highly recommend JB construction.
    Greg LaMonica
    Chicago IL,

All companies say they value their clients, but JB Construction Services act as they do. I want to highly recommend this company for a terrific job they did on our kitchen remodeling. The quality of their workmanship was excellent, and we wound up with a much more attractive space. Jerzy worked with us on all the changes we decided to implement in the original project. He even made recommendations for some other things what helped us save money. His installers did a fine job. In fact much to our surprise, the workmen even cleaned up after finishing each job. At the time when words can be very cheap, the quality of your work speaks loudly for your company!
    Kazimierz Laska
    Burbank , IL

I first met Yurik, owner of JB Construction 2 years ago when he was contracted to recondition a stone fabricating building (see image Pano 1 and Pano 2, along with accompanying files). He was given floor plans and asked to install a new concrete floor, plumbing, electrical, as well as a specialized and reinforced safe room for electronics and create what is now the home of ProGear, a rental company near downtown Chicago. Not everything goes according to plan with drawings and he was able to make decisions and changes on the fly to accommodate our needs.

Because ProGear deals with the photographic community, make-up stations, client lounge and a photo studio needed to be incorporated into the building (see ProGearspaceweb.jpg, studio A and Studio B photos).

Starting with an open room with 20+ years of dust (2 inches thick on the wall), cracked concrete and no running water. After 5 months of continuos labor, ProGear opened its doors in May of 2008, ahead of schedule.

Since then, Yurik has been to my house and has turned a blank basement into a finished basement complete with an Italian-style bathroom with heated tiles and oversized shower. He and his crew went far beyond my expectations and along the way made recommendations for some changes which were tremendous improvements to the original plan. Once again, he was ahead of schedule and under budget.

I cannot over state my satisfaction of JB Construction and the work they offer. Always respectful of personal property and time schedules, Yurik completes his jobs on time and on budget which can be unusual these days. I have recommended him to numerous friends and neighbors and they feel the same way. Please feel free to contact me for further information or wish to discuss his work.
    Doug Sperling
    Buffalo Grove, IL